Saturday, July 9, 2011

James Leonard's "Captain America": Free Screening Friday, July 15

James Leonard's Captain America (+ Magic!)
Friday, July 15, 7 PM
Dumbo Arts Center
111 Front Street, #212, Brooklyn, NY
Free! Plus, Free Popcorn Pizza and AC (Donations encouraged!)

James Leonard's video portraits, "Captain America" and "Magic," stake out a wide territory of oral tradition and iterated story telling.

In "Captain America," portrait sitter and die-hard comic fan Lazzarus monologues the entire chronology of Marvel Comic's Captain America beginning with pre-war experiments on African Americans in the 1930's following all the way through to the character's demise in 2006.

In "Magic," portrait sitter and punk-rock fetish model Jax, recounts her ten year history working as a horse whisperer rehabilitating unwanted and abused animals.

Together, these two videos bracket the stories we keep, the stories we tell, and the stories that define us. Presented in conjunction with DAC's exhibition (The Missing Library), organized by Annie Shaw. For more information, please

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