Tuesday, October 20, 2009

2009 HS Program!

“If you have an idea run with it and work your hardest to make it happen.”

One of the high school program students said this when he was asked what he learned in this year's HS program. These words and high praise are one of several that show the 2009 HS Program was a success. Most importantly, the gallery and the students both accomplished their goals.

The students were so exited about it that they asked for more time. They said they loved the field trips, the artist presentations and the festival production. But, the most important part was the fact that the students were able to participate in the festival as artists.

"I like the fact were given full artistic freedom, I think it is very important."

“I learned more about the changing art world. This was really great!"

The 2009 HS Program was successful. Thanks to the team for making this festival come to reality.
We are ready for another wonderful one next year!

ALma Peguero
Gallery Intern

Alma Peguero's Experience of Green (Artists Assistant Intern)

The Experience of Green to me is a beautiful installation that makes my mind fly away.
The red color and the magnitude of the trees make everything so intense, intimidating and at the same time so attractive, that I want to find more.
It is also playful that no kid will want to leave the gallery. My inner child doesn't want to leave the gallery.

The realization of this project was strong but became much stronger after seeing it completed.

It was nice to observe every intern, volunteer or the artists, submerged in the activity of working, and seeing how great it will be in the end. It was also really nice to me to find my silent and joyful voice while working. One of the best parts of the day, because of the exhausting work was the lunch break. Eating healthy and delicious food on DAC’s stairs while enjoying the weather and talking and getting to know everyone a little bit more was so fun and relaxing. This process allowed you to come back to work totally re-energized.

Assisting Wade and Stephen was a great experience. And I can say that it was great to my mates too. Working in it was very inspiring from any perspective. As an intern, I would gladly assist any artist that needed my help (always if it is with artists and volunteers like these) And as an artist, I just can’t wait to make my own big installation.

Thank you everyone for your positive smiles and spirits and to everyone that put their heart on it. Thank you again.

ALma Peguero
Gallery Intern

Monday, October 19, 2009

Opening Reception for The Experience of Green

There was a long wait to get in the door on opening night of The Experience of Green. It was worth it!

The first time I went inside of a red tree it was so exciting! To find myself inside of the intimidating space, in the darkness, and surrounded by many different textures awakened my imagination. The interiors of the trees are so rich that you can't go in and out quickly. You have to stay a little bit longer, let your eyes get used to the light, and then appreciate the creation.

The tree at the entrance to the gallery creates beautiful movement from the ceiling to the floor.

All these pictures are courtesy of photographer Terry Beverly

ALma Peguero,
Gallery Intern