Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The future?

So, I am pretty sure we will be having dancing twins in gold gold lamé and lots of purple confetti explosions in the near future.

In related news, we saw Prince last night...

Coming in the even nearer future, artist Barb Choit is installing her Time and Temp installation for Information Economy:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What? Information Economy!

In case you didn't know yet.

Information Economy

Exhibition Dates: January 22 - March 6, 2011

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 22, 6-9PM

Featuring work by:

Enid Baxter Blader
Josh Blackwell
Todd Bourett
Gary Cannone
Barbara Choit

Jenelle Covino

Lisa Hanawalt
Charles Irvin
Mary Jeys & Jesse Suchmann / Brooklyn Torch
Chuck Jones
Juie Lequin
Jill Newman
Brian O'Connell
Bill Roundy
Aeron Bergman & Alejandra Salinas
Jen Schwarting

Annie Shaw
Jacob Weinstein

Information Economy is an exhibition of the variety of ways that artists
manage information in their lives. Managing, encoding, and decoding the
staggering amount of stimuli, tasks and demands in our lives takes
immense time and resources. How do we economize these efforts? How is
energy channeled and communication achieved in the most efficient
means? The artists in Information Economy present different ways of
approaching these questions in their artwork. Some attempt to develop
strategies for simply dealing with the sheer volume of information in
our lives, such as Gary Cannone' and Charles Irvin's carefully
considered ultimate set-list for the band Foreigner; Barb Choit's
broadcasting of extremely localized time and temperature; Aeron Bergman
and Alejandra Salinas tower of all the archival media of the artwork,
and Chuck Jones' hypnotic, frenzied video of all of the images he has
downloaded over the past decade.

Others look at how to be efficient with their time and attention,
including Jill Newman's dual purpose curtain that is also a painting;
Todd Bourret and Brian O'Connell's list of materials needed for their
upcoming show at DAC; and Julie Lequin's video True Stories, in which
she re-enacts the advice she has been given on how to manage her life.

Bill Roundy and Annie Shaw use their art almost as journalism: Shaw
through re-purposing work-for-hire street flyers, Roundy in his
comic-strip column "Bar Scrawl," in which he patronizes and then reviews
Brooklyn-area watering-holes. Similarly, Jen Schwarting's
cubicle-divider referencing sculpture looks into the boundaries of
opportunity between politics and gender. Enid Baxter Blader also has an
investigative bent, as she explores the residual energies left over from
an abandoned Army base in her video "The Ord."

An alternative to our existing economic system is proposed by Mary Jeys
through her project to create a local currency, the Brooklyn Torch. Josh
Blackwell is likewise looking to alter our experiences with everyday
items, though rather than cash, he is re-purposing the common plastic
bag. Blackwell will use the DAC gallery as a collection center for the
bags, which will then be transformed into his artwork.

Information Economy is the inaugural exhibition is DAC's new home at 111
Front Street, suite 212. Throughout 2011 the theme of Economy will be
explored at DAC in exhibitions, performances, workshops and talks.

New Space under construction!

Just a sneak peak of where we are moving to in the next few days (111 Front Street, suite 212!). As you can see, a little bit of work to do still. No big deal. The opening for Information Economy is more than 10 days away!