Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sneak Peak at art from Robby Herbst's upcoming show

Robby Herbst, Untitled (New Pyramid), Gouache and Water Color on paper, detail, 2011

Opening on Feb 10, 6 PM: Robby Herbst: New Pyramids for the Capitalist System

Friday, January 13, 2012

Michelle Vaughan Interview "100 Tweets"

On the occasion of her show “100 Tweets” at Dumbo Arts Center, I had the opportunity to interview Michelle Vaughan about her project, twitter, language and copyright.

Karl Erickson: Twitter is of course, tied into celebrity culture. In ways, it is a way for the hoi polloi to get closer to the stars, the culturati. In "100 Tweets" there are a few celebrities that you re-present, both mainstream (Sarah Silverman, Anthony Bourdain) and art world (Jerry Saltz, Paddy Johnson). Is there anything about “100 Tweets” that was intended to get you closer, or more in touch with these figures?

Michelle Vaughan: I was hyper-aware, and no, getting "closer" would be weird. I am very sensitive about celebrity culture; it scares the bejesus out of me that people can be such insane narcissists. Yet wanting attention is a human emotion, and I think that is a big undercurrent throughout the entire Twittersphere. I've had exchanges with a lot of people I don't know; some are famous, most aren't. Batting snark around or exchanging information can be thrilling; it's a bunch of conversations happening at light speed. But at the end of the day, this project is not about the authors; it's my own narcissistic, moody and unapologetic project, which says a lot more who I am than who they are.

KE: For you, and/or your twitter community, is the platform more about broadcasting or conversation?

MV: Well it's both, but people use it for different reasons. I follow a lot of people who share links, this is where I get my news!