Wednesday, August 26, 2009

List of participating artists

Here is the list of the artists participating to the Festival.

Their projects will be presented on the streets, sidewalks, storefronts, elevators, lobbies, the water, the waterfront, parks, nooks, crannies and more.

Artcodex (Mike Estabrook, Vandana Jain, Mona Kamal)
Gav Barbey
Karina Bergmans
Allison Berkoy
Carlo Bernardini
John Bonafede
Michele Brody
Jude Broughan
Sean Capone
Christian Cerrito and Jennifer Fisher
Donna Cheng
Elim Cheng and Meng Li
Wai-Yam Cheng (Yummy)
Kell Condon
John Day
Cat DelBuono
Tim Devin
Molly Dilworth
Abby Donovan
Nikolas Drosos and Marta Gazicka
Will Ekins
Myda El-Maghrabi
Denniston Ewan
Katie Fox and Haley Lowe
Ryan Frank
Catherine Grau and Zoe Kreye
Naomi Grossman
Kyung Woo Han
Steve Harrington and Jaime Rojo
Elizabeth D. Heifferon
Lisa Hein and Robert Seng
Diana Heise
Jae Hi Ahn
Erin Rachel Hudak
Lucia Jeesun Lee
Kate Kaman and Joel Erland
Marie Christine Katz
Amy Khoshbin
Larissa Killough
Jackie Klempay
Reina Kubota
Eun Sun Lee
Marc S Levitt
Jia-Jen Lin
Nelson Loskamp
Katherine Dolgy Ludwig
Luciana Lyrio
Jillian May
Charlotte Meyer and Chris Smith
John Monteith
Hye Yeon Nam
Tara Parsons
Verónica Peña
Jesse Proia
Eward Purver
Ryan Turner Roth
Mathilde Roussel-Giraudy
Scott Rummler
Richard Schort
Angela Silver
Deborah Simon
Ted Southern
Andréa Stanislav
Ari Tabei
Kazue Taguchi
Catherine Tai
Hidemi Takagi
Karin I.Tehve
Montana Torrey
Ian Trask
Gretchen Vitamvas
Sindikat Vydavy
Edisa Weeks
Sara Wentworth
Jennifer Williams
Brian Wondergem
An Xiao
Chin Chih Yang
Jinjoo Yang

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This September the D.U.M.B.O. Art Under the Bridge Festival celebrates it's 13th birthday.

With September 25 quickly approaching, the opportunity arises to look back on the changes that the Dumbo Arts Center has seen over the past thirteen years.

The first D.U.M.B.O. Art Under the Bridge Festival in 1997 took advantage of Dumbo's unique qualities and its high concentration of artist studios. Open studios, live music and dance performances, and an art parade were components of the '97 Festival, which was produced by Dumbo residents, Joy Glidden and Tyson Daugherty. Artists organized creative ways to fund the Festival, such as hosting parties in the performance space with the DJ group "Organic Grooves." After the Festival's success the Dumbo Arts Center (DAC) was conceived to promote local Dumbo artists.

SECTION 33, DAC's first curated exhibition, was installed in September 1998 at the original location of 45 York Street. In 1999 DAC became a registered 501 (c) non-profit organization with Joy Glidden as Fine Arts Director, Rodney Trice as Applied Arts Director, and Margaret Champagne as Performing Arts Director. DAC is now located at 30 Washington Street, and Breda Kennedy, the current Executive Director, has helped the culture of DAC evolve with the neighborhood of Dumbo.

Elements of the 13th D.U.M.B.O. Art Under the Bridge Festival reflect DAC's past, but many characteristics of the Festival are specific to 2009. New aspects include projects created by our new high school internship program and an iPhone application designed specifically for the Festival to feature festival projects, open studios, local businesses, and galleries.

Music performances were important in the 1999 Festival.

Image courtesty of DAC.

Doug Fishbone's Ten Thousand Bananas displayed on Washington Street in the 2002 Festival.

Image courtesty of DAC.

Jae Hi Ahn's Night in Bloom was in the Brooklyn Bridge Park during the 2006 Festival.

Image courtesty of the artist.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

13th Art Under the Bridge Festival

The website for this year's Art Under the Bridge Festival is here. On September 25th, 26th, and 27th projects from over 80 artisits will be displayed in Dumbo streets, buildings, and parks.

A few artists to look forward to seeing in the Festival this year are:

Wade Kavanaugh and Stephen Nguyen
Image is courtesy of the artists.

Gav Barbey
Image is courtesy of the artist.

Katherine Dolgy Ludwig
Image is courtesy of the artist.

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